Adam Arritola
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adam arritola as a curator:

Adam Arritola (he/any) is a first generation Cuban-American born in 1995 in South Florida, where he had attended thousands of shows and became a very familiar face in the scene before migrating to build elsewhere.

He has been curating live creative experiences since 2012 with the sole intent to destroy cultural borders and to take people of all walks of life deeper into the wonderful, expansive, mysterious, spiritual world of the arts.

He is best known in recent years as the producer behind The Perfect Trip: Miami Psych Fest (named the #1 event to attend Summer of 2018 in Miami by the Miami New Times) and more recently, the “Rochester Experimental Week(his own take on the legendary International Noise Conference in Miami).

In 2015, he organized EO1: End of the World Party, and as a favor to a friend, inadvertently booked the first ever live performance of “MEMBERS ONLY”, whose main member, Xxxtentacion, later landed a #1 charting space on Billboard’s album charts..

Adam currently broadcasts a weekly FM radio show called “Eclectic Overdrive“, the same name as his production monicker, on Rochester, NY’s radio station WAYO 104.3 every Friday from 2:00-4:00pm EST.

Adam Arritola at Miramar Regional Park
Adam Arritola and Thollem McDonas
Adam Arritola / Scott Bazar / Tatsuya Nakatani The Esoterrorists (Adam Arritola / Luana Cantuarias)

adam arritola AS a creator: 

Adam Arritola makes music, depending on what you consider music.

He has been exploring odd and non-musical sounds and avoiding traditionalism and academia within his music playing since he was a young child. He does not formally release music and prefers to play music live–often spontaneously and in public, open air settings. He has performed in many different contexts in cities spanning all over the entire East Coast of the United States, TN, TX, CO, CA, Montreal, Quebec, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Colombia and desires to play music in as many places as he can before decays.

Adam has performed live in collaborations with Frank Falestra (Rat Bastard), Jair-Rôhm Parker Wells, Tatsuya Nakatani (outside of NGO), Thollem McDonas, Black Mayonnaise, Susan Alcorn, Elliott Levin, Majid Araim, Marc Edwards, Thomas Milovac, Jamison Williams, William Fields, Chaka Benson, Mackenzie Kourie, Scott Bazar, Tracy Lisk, Ed Wilcox, Martin Freeman, Scott Verrastro, Joel Switzer, Alessandra Zerbinati, Luana Cantuarias, Mary Staubitz, Ayako Kanda, Adam Caine, Stephanie Demopulos, Kevin Cheli, Charles Pagano, Taylor Rouss, Rick Bozza,
Jil Christensen, Josh Hebdon, Bonnie Kane, Jesse Kenas Collins, Leaf Boehm, Lindsay Tuttle, Christopher Lombardo, Eric Baylies, Jonas Van den BosscheJim Ivy, Zilmrah, Matt Luczak, Mike Kaupa, Mackenzie Kourie, Miguel Morte Valentine, Eareckson Murray, Ian Downey, Greg Elliott, JB Ledoux, Brandon Kersey, Dei Xhrist, Bill Swenson, Caleb Crittenden, Ken Foster, Herb Leff, Michael Larocca, Gyna Bootleg, Olchar Lindsann, Hannah ‘Pork’ Hamlin, Vandal, Dylan Houser, Jaguar Psychosis, Nicholas Sudol, Benb Gallaher, Ralph Eaton, Elias Wickline, Paul Keily, Ed AKA HQ Blankenship, Diego Melgar, Orelli HG, Henry Rajan, Steve Flato, James Cooper Bay, Herb Leff, Natalia Panetta, Quinton Crawford, Jeff Dragan, Crowmeat Bob, Bill Comstock, Rob Ingram, Monk Catallo, Gaby Pelatti, Kyle Pineda, Joe McCann, Vicky Tee, Chris Hurst, Nicholas Sudol, Paul Schlieter, Sebastian Valencia, Sean Doyle, Ryan Garcia, Nourdine Garami, Justin Lobo, Jay Peele, Zachary Hickerson, Adam Ploof, Nana Moses, Jefrey Hall, Morsels of Knowledge (from Antarctica), Keeli Ayn, Saby RK, Anne Rhodes, Steve Synk, Christian Varona, Greg Woodsbie, Thomas Richards, Kadeedra Session, Jordan Lerner, JP Laos, Victor Bencomo, Vid Linger, Reilly Solomon, Jason Handelsman, & his brother Alec, among many others.

Adam is attempting to tour the entirety of the United States in 2023-2024.